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RESTful Web APIs

"Klaus Game Bot RESTful APIs" is an API website used by KGB v2 Urban Terror 4.x bot. It also has an useful administration backend for all API resources and more.

Documentation coming soon.
KGB v2

Klaus Game Bot (which its acronym is KGB) is a rework of the first bot ( written in python 2.7 that aims to be a flexible, stable and performant game bot for Urban Terror 4.x servers. Skills, ratios and other 'statistical' features are voluntarily excluded from the developing in order to keep focus on performance and flexibility. KGB is the ideal solution for a server that hosts multiple game instances because updates are managed centrally so that gameservers' admins don't need to worry about them. Their bot is always up-to-date and always get the latest bug fixes...

Visit our KGB Wiki Page for more information.

Servers running KGB v2 and KGB v1